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Hi my sweets! Today I'm bringing you a cute review for my new sponsor Sheinside!

Let me tell you a little about Sheinside before I get on with the review. Sheinside is based in China. They supply super cute clothing, accessories, bags, & more! I love Sheinside because they offer popular clothing at very affordable prices. They add new stuff almost every day. They literally have SO much to offer and you really just have to peek at their website to see how awesome they are!

For my first item, I picked out the California Dream Barbie sweater in pink! You can buy it here for just $20.50! They also have it available in two different blue/green versions, which you can find here and here!

 It arrived in a nice package and was sealed inside this durable thick plastic ziplock baggy!
It also came with this card which had their information on it as well as washing instructions!

 The first thing I noticed about this sweater was how comfortable and soft it is! It's not super thick, but it's made of this really soft, gentle, medium weight material. The logo is nice and durable and it seems as if it wouldn't get messed up after washing like some sweaters I've had! It's very vibrant!

The tag on this sweater is nice and professional...and isn't itchy at all! :)
This sweater runs in only one size...one size fits all. I am usually a size XS/S and this sweater definitely fit big on me! I usually like my sweaters baggy anyway.

 I seriously adore this sweater! I love Barbie and I love pink, so I had to get it! Overall, I am very satisfied with everything...from the packaging, down to the very quality of the sweater! I know some of my friends and followers were wondering how trustworthy Sheinside is and I can definitely tell you all that my first product review has been a happy one! I don't think I have a single bad thing to say about Sheinside. I will definitely be reviewing more of their products in the future!

Sheinside gets 10/10 cupcakes from me! :)

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Linda said...

Hi cupcake! :) I Think that It's great that you start this blog cause i'm not able to comment Only your tumblr! :) Just wanna say That your make me happy and you give me the courage tog dress Pink and the way i whant even thoug i'm 23!


(sorry For the spelling, my autospelling is in swedish and really fuck up the Words... )

Kowareta Doll said...

super cute review :) I'm so glad that you've started this blog.